Congratulations! You have made it to the “final stage” of wearing your braces. We consider this the most important stage because your cooperation NOW to the END of your treatment will ultimately determine an excellent, good, or satisfactory result. Of course, we’d like to achieve a very good to excellent result whenever possible.

Wearing your elastics the way you’ve been instructed (usually 24 hours/day), maintaining great oral hygiene (no plaque, no stains, no decalcification, no cavities), minimizing breakage (bands, brackets, and wires), and making all of your appointments will help you finish soon!

Oddly enough, finishing your case is just like landing an airplane. Although we have thoroughly enjoyed having you with us, we’d like to finish your case on time and most importantly, “touch down” as smooth as possible!

Once again, keep up the good work… you’ve been cleared for landing!

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